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It would explain a lot. I hope Anita goes to jail.


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This is one of the more fascinating developments so far. It would also explain why social justice discourse is so destructive and polarizing.


Date_Posted: 2017-09-29 10:20:00

Social justice is a concept created by Karl Marx, who was never content with the idea of working to earn your lot in life. He was a chronically unemployed loser who created a narrative that part of the social contract should be that government needs to redistribute the wealth of those who do work hard and have marketable skills to those who do not. Eventually that became the basis of having the laborers steal the wealth and technology of the ones who created and possessed it in what he called the proletariat revolution. When that happened in Russia, scholars at the university of Frankfurt used the ideology as the basis for what is called conflict theory, which is basically to blame successful people for why you are such a worthless human being, and coming up with a plan to negate and trivialize those accomplishments, all while asserting the government must forcibly redistribute power and wealth to those "marginalized" groups. When Marxism was repeatedly shown to be an abysmal failure- 37 failed attempts and counting- there were still some ex-Soviets who harkened back to the good old days that they did not have to accomplish anything and still have a comfortable life. It would not surprise me that these Russians similarly want to make the world see how great it is to get free shit for nothing.

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