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Link Posted: 2019-10-12 10:02:24

Date_Posted: 2019-10-12 10:20:54

tl;dr, the CPJE is the state-specific licensing exam to become a pharmacist in California. Apparently, there was a credible report of someone (or many) cheating on the most recent exam. The exam is administered in month-long batches, so a large portion of the 2019 graduating class will now have to retake their exam in order to become practicing pharmacists.

Having been through the process, I really feel for any innocent examinees caught up in this mess. It takes two months to receive your approval to test, about a month to schedule, then 30-50 days to receive your results. It's a multiple choice test, and why it takes over a month to receive a grade that is most certainly available instantaneously is beyond me. Not only that, it will likely be next year before they will be able to retake the test as a new exam will have to be written. Finally, the exam is notoriously rigorous, with a pass rate of 70-80% in the spring/summer and 50% the rest of the year.

While I'm morbidly happy the job market will have some well-needed breathing room (even though that doesn't really affect me personally,) I really hope the Board takes this opportunity to fix their bloated, broken examination system. I also hope they catch the cheater(s). They do not have the aptitude or character to work in this profession and their discipline should reflect that.

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