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Meanwhile in Drumph land...

Remember the time he paid off a porn star to stay quiet about an affair he had while his wife was pregnant?

Remember when we found out it was actually two porn stars?

Remember the time when he caused the longest government shutdown in American history over his border wall?

Remember when he stole money from military schools to pay for that wall after he buckled, declaring an emergency?

Remember when he promised that Mexico would pay for it?

Remember during the midterms when he sought to distract everyone by sending troops to the border wasting a lot of money?

Remember when he called Nazis "fine people?"

Remember when he said he believed Putin over our intelligence communities about Russian interference?

Remember when he extorted the Ukrainian president by withholding military aid to announce a phony investigation into his political rival?

Remember his twitter tantrum with Kim Jong Un, and now he pretends they're best friends even though they haven't changed at all?

Remember when Trump asked Russia to "find" Hillary's deleted emails? And told 2A people they could stop Hillary?

Remember when he lied about his inauguration size?

Remember when he said he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS even though ISIS was all but defeated?

Remember when he chose to side with MBS right after MBS ordered the bloody assassination of an innocent journalist who resided in Virginia?

Remember when he pulled troops out of Syria so Turkey could slaughter our Kurdish allies?

Remember when Mueller told Congress that Trump obstructed justice at least ten times?

Remember when Trump fired Comey because of the Russia investigation?

Remember when Trump invited Russians into the oval office the day after firing Comey and compromised intelligence that Israel gave us?

Remember when he tried to tamper with the Manafort jury by tweeting against the prosecution during the trial?

Remember when his AG meddled with the sentencing recommendation for the Stone trial?

Remember when he said we'd get to see his tax returns after his audit with the IRS was over?

Remember when he lied about people in NJ celebrating on 9/11 and then made fun of the disability of the reporter that said he was wrong?

Remember when the NYT blew up his "self-made billionaire" narrative by showing he lost more money than any other American from 1985-1994 and received multiple bailouts from his father to build his career?

Remember when he promised to not cut social security or medicare but then released a budget doing just that?

Remember when his own Secretary of State called him a "fucking moron" because Trump wanted to use our military as mercenaries around the world?

Remember when he said he would protect "pre-existing conditions" protections better than democrats even though he is currently suing to gut those protections?

Remember when he said that Obama "colluded or obstructed" the 2016 election?

Remember when he lied and said Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama? And then drew a sharpie bubble to alter a map projection so he could claim he was right?

Remember the time when he hosted the Clemson football team and fed them nothing but fast food?

Remember the time he canceled the Eagles WH visit because of "kneeling" in the NFL even though that team never kneeled?

Remember he said he was going to ban all muslims from entering the US? And then decided to just ban people from muslim majority countries assuming we wouldn't notice?

Remember how he overturned Obama policy on immigration causing thousands of children to be placed in cages?

Remember how he pulled out of the Paris Agreement? Remember when he called global warming a hoax created by the Chinese?

Remember when he told four American congress women to "go back" to where they came from?

Remember when he said a Mexican-American Judge couldn't preside over his litigation because he was Mexican?

Remember when he called himself the "law and order" candidate but the pardoned Sheriff Arpio who was in violation of court orders.

Remember when he assassinated a high-ranking Iranian general bringing us to the brink of war with Iran where they retaliated by sending missiles to our bases causing 30 American troops to sustain significant head injuries?

Remember he had a twitter tantrum over Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation making it very obvious he wanted Sessions to obstruct the investigation?

Remember when he canceled all cruises to Cuba?

Remember when he let Erdogan's goons beat up Americans who were legally protesting?

Remember when he settled his Trump University lawsuit for millions of dollars for the fraud it committed?

Remember how the Florida AG investigated TU but then Trump donated $25k to her re-election campaign and then the investigation just went away and then that same Florida AG was Trump's lawyer at his Impeachment trial?!?

Remember the time he tried to buy Greenland from Denmark for apparently no real reason?

Remember when he said he grabs women in the pussies?

Remember when he accused a debate moderator of bleeding for her "whatever" after they had a spat.

Remember when he asked for an expensive stupid military parade because France does one?

Remember the time he asked why we only get immigrants from "shithole" countries?

Remember the time he said wind turbines caused cancer?

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