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Some observations:

  1. The Colorado River Water Association will produce a report in summer 2023 about the future of the Colorado River basin. That report may provide info to help decide whether it makes sense to live anywhere in the southwest US.

  2. A substantial portion of the water from the Colorado River is used to sustain agriculture that supplies a lot of the country's food. If that changes, the US as a whole is impacted. Assuming that doomsday scenario occurs, you may have enough water to live in Vegas, but not enough food to live anywhere.

  3. This reminds me of Catch-22:

The four states at the headwaters of the river — Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming — also recently announced they plan to ask Congress to let them use federal money through 2026 for a program dubbed “strategic conservation.” It would resurrect a 2015 to 2018 pilot program that paid farmers to fallow land to cut water use.


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Southern Nevada has reduced it's water consumption by 48% per person since 2002, despite adding 750,000 residents since then as well. The population is expanding, but they're still cutting water usage. It sounds like the community, including the new residents, are participating in conservation efforts.


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"Oh good, Nevada is conserving water, that means I can use more! BOOM BOOM BOOOOOMMMM!!!"

Nothing changes until they're all dead.

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