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Link Posted: 2023-01-24 07:37:15

Date_Posted: 2023-01-24 07:38:34

Can't wait for tomorrow's headline:

Diet Coke prices rose 300% in 2022. One Tyson claims it's a boomer trick


Date_Posted: 2023-01-25 21:38:35

Everything is a boomer trick. I can't stop drinking mreah, but I can avoid eggs for a few months until they solve the chicken issue.


Date_Posted: 2023-01-26 10:08:00

I found some at whole foods yesterday for $3/dozen. Just gotta go to the rich people markets.


Date_Posted: 2023-01-26 11:35:15

Lower tax and prices anywhere rich people shop. I go to the boomers to do grocery shopping when I can, it's disgusting.

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